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Stressed about Covid 19? Here’s what can help.

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus many of us are experiencing unprecedented states of stress and anxiety. The events around us are triggering and can set off a chain of negative emotions if not managed in healthy ways. Here are some simple ideas that can be used to ease the stress and provide helpful ways of […]


10 strategies to rid yourself of stress

There is no denying that we lead stressful lives today. Work seems to be more demanding than ever before, and that’s without the pressures of family life added to the mix. It’s important that we all learn how to de-stress effectively. With that being said, continue reading to discover some strategies that you can use […]

What is a self-reflective practice?

What is a self-reflective practice? If you are exploring self-improvement it’s worthwhile considering implementing a reflective practice. A practice is something that is done consistently over time with the expectations that there will be improvements over time. This process provides you with a way to evaluate important areas of your life in order to help […]

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Mental Health – Healthy Thinking

Keep Your Thoughts In Check This may sound strange, but the truth is we are in control of our thoughts, they are not in control of us. Yet too often, we allow unfounded, untrue thoughts to run our lives. The simple answer is just to Stop It! But this takes practice. So, if you want […]

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Mental – Ask for Support

Mental – Ask for Support Some people are good at dealing with feelings. This can help us feel comforted. Others are good at helping out, like babysitting or grocery shopping. This can help us manage the day-to-day responsibilities. Some people are good at sharing a different point of view, and this can help us look […]

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Mental Health – Eat Healthy

Mental health is the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us. When we practice good mental health, it is easier to handle stress and other problems.  Here are some helpful strategies to build good mental health. In short the main principles are to 1/ Take care of your body 2/ […]


Mental Health – Exercise

When clients come to counselling they are often searching for solutions to help improve their own mental health, which has by this point become too overwhelming for them to manage. Yet too they neglect their own self-care, which is a critical part of being overall mental. Regular Exercise will have far reaching benefits in terms […]