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Our Counselling Services

At The Melbourne Counselling Centre we specialise in several key areas of mental health to ensure  our clients receive the very best in treatment and care.  Our goal is to facilitate your emotional, psychological and physical well-being. We do this by moving  you to an empowered place where you feel confident and clear to start making healthier decisions that move you forward in life.  Our treatments will shift negative emotions and feelings that get ‘stuck’ in the body clearing the way for a more empowered and happier you.

Our services include

Individual Counselling:  Identify the problem and receive effective treatments to resolve the distress.

Relationship Counselling:  An integrative approach to build healthier and stronger relationships.

Anger Management: Anger Management counselling that shift negative emotions.

Trauma Counselling: End the debilitating symptoms associated with living in fear.

PTSD Counselling: Resolve the debilitating symptoms of PTSD.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP): A cutting edge process to resolve trauma symptoms.