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Stressed about Covid 19? Here's what can help.

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus many of us are experiencing unprecedented states of stress and anxiety. The events around us are triggering and can set off a chain of negative emotions if not managed in healthy ways. Here are…

10 strategies to rid yourself of stress

There is no denying that we lead stressful lives today. Work seems to be more demanding than ever before, and that’s without the pressures of family life added to the mix. It’s important that we all learn how to de-stress effectively. With…
How True Are Your Thoughts, Melbourne Counselling Centre Can Show The Reality - Standing at crossroads with arrow
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How true are your thoughts?

Have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts may be lying to you? It’s a strange idea because we are so committed to the idea that our thoughts are absolute truths. Yet what if you learnt that your thoughts and feelings don’t always…
Halloween Time To Celebrate Our Shadow - Vector Illustration of Zombies, Batts and Hunted Scene.
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Halloween; A Time to Celebrate Our Shadow

Carl Jung explains our shadow as the unknown or 'dark side ' of our personality,  as this is the part that holds the ugly parts of ourselves. Whatever it is that we deem evil, inferior or unacceptable in ourselves, we deny and this forms part…