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Stressed about Covid 19? Here's what can help.

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus many of us are experiencing unprecedented states of stress and anxiety. The events around us are triggering and can set off a chain of negative emotions if not managed in healthy ways. Here are…
Don't Mind The Mind - Learn to understand your thoughts - Counselling Services Melbourne

Don't Mind the Mind

Imagine standing in front of a mirror and looking deep into your own eyes and proclaiming ‘I love you’. Are you feeling uncomfortable yet? Perhaps you’re squirming in your chair and feeling like that would be an impossible task?  If…
The Main Myth About Anger - Learn the truth about anger management processes and courses
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The Main Myth About Anger

‘Anger is a complex emotion. One of the major reasons why the emotion of anger has gained a primarily negative reputation is that there is so much misinformation about what anger is and can be, and we only tend to hear and read about unhealthy…
How True Are Your Thoughts, Melbourne Counselling Centre Can Show The Reality - Standing at crossroads with arrow
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How true are your thoughts?

Have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts may be lying to you? It’s a strange idea because we are so committed to the idea that our thoughts are absolute truths. Yet what if you learnt that your thoughts and feelings don’t always…
Demystifying Counselling - Best Counselling Services Melbourne, Victoria. Melbourne Counselling Centre.
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Demystifying Counselling

What is counselling? Have you wondered what the process of counselling might be like? Do you recall a time in your life when you experienced difficulties and wanted to see a counsellor yet didn’t because you were nervous about what’s…
Hoarding Your Past - Man sitting with head in hands and knee's remembering bad times.

Hoarding Your Past

Yesterday, whilst reading an interview with Adele about her latest album 25, I came across a quote that resonated deeply. The quote is simple yet loaded with meaning as it speaks of past wounds and the impact they have. It is true that our past…
The Art Of Self Care - Learning To Take Care Of Yourself Is Important. Counselling Services Melbourne
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The Art of Self-Care

When I raise the issue of self-care with clients often there is a sense of indifference that comes with this type of conversation. Sometimes it can feel that attending to one’s physical, relational and spiritual aspects are not considered…
Understanding Anger - Cartoon Vector Drawing, Anger, Anger Management Courses and Counselling Melbourne.
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Understanding Anger

‘When you let anger get the best of you It brings out the worst in you’ The starting point for understanding your anger is to realise that feeling angry is not the problem it’s what you do with the anger that causes distress. Anger…
Coping With Teenagers - Young Dark Skinned Girl In Tunnel With Depression and Anxiety. Counselling Melbourne.
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Coping with Teenagers

Coping with Teenagers isn't always easy. Often my clients bring their parenting distress into the counselling space. Counselling allows them the chance to unpack where they feel they are going wrong and what they could be doing better. Most…
Understanding Your Attachment Relationships - Man and Women Embracing For Hug.

Understanding Your Attachment Relationships

When we experience closeness with another person we often say we are ‘attached’ or ‘connected’ to them. But what does this sense of closeness really mean? In the world of relationships, attachment is fundamental if we are to understand…