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Mental health is the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us. When we practice good mental health, it is easier to handle stress and other problems.  Here are some helpful strategies to build good mental health. In short the main principles are to 1/ Take care of your body 2/ Practice healthy thinking 3/ Slow down 4/ Have fun 5/Reach out.

Mental Health – Eat Healthy

Let’s start with taking care of your body.

Eat well –  Food is our fuel. It gives us important nutrients that help our bodies work. It makes sense that the better we eat, the better we work. Our brains work better, too. Research shows that the food we eat is a big part of mental health. Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains give us the nutrients to work our best.

Eat regularly – so your body has enough fuel to work well all day. Skipping meals can make you feel tired or irritable.

Watch out for too much caffeine –Caffeine is the part of coffee and black tea that gives you energy. It is in other drinks and snacks, too. Caffeine can add to feelings of anxiety. It can also stop you from sleeping well.

Watch how much sugar you eat – Eating sugar gives you a quick burst of energy. But when that energy is gone, you feel more tired. It can lower your mood and make you feel irritable.

Watch your alcohol use – Alcohol just hides problems for a short time. It makes sadness, stress and other feelings harder to deal with later on.

Drink Water – Staying hydrated is critical to good mental health, yet it’s often overlooked. Water increases energy, flushes out toxins stored in the body, maintains a regular digestive system and will boost your immune system.